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Occupational Therapy - Speech Therapy - Physical Therapy

Alter-G - Anti-Gravity treadmill

Non Op & Post Op orthopedic care

Non Op & Post Op spine injury rehab

Sports rehab and conditioning for all ages

Hand therapy

Balance & fall risk programs

Guasha, kinesio taping & semi-custom orthodics

Speech therapy children, adults & seniors

Free Screenings

Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Physiotherapy

Physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy

Pediatric & Geriatric

Neurological, Integumentary, Physiotherapy

Sports Therapy and Alter-G

Baseline testing

Ergonomic evaluations

Workstation assessments

Computerized functional capacity evaluations

On-site therapy modules

Job specific conditioning

Why Leading Arizona Physicians Choose GSC

GSC Therapy Services is a unique outpatient therapy practice because we believe that the body needs to be treated as a whole and not broken into joints, muscles or nerves. At GSC Therapy, we use a functional approach to rehabilitation that includes helping our patients return to all lifestyle activities, including self-care, leisure and work.

Occupational Therapy vs Physical Therapy

Free Personalized Screening

Let GSC Therapy create a customized treatment plan, refer you to a physician that can address your concerns or develop a home exercise program. We will give you professional recommendations tailored to your unique issues and goals.

Your recovery is our passion.

Why Patients Choose GSC Therapy

  • Compassionate,caring and highly experienced staff
  • Multi-disciplinary (OT, PT, ST)
  • AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill
  • Focus on getting better quickly
  • Most insurance plans accepted
  • Extended hours for convenience

Our Patients Rave About Us

The staff have been very helpful in my recovery with bursitis. At GSC with Josh and his wonderful staff - they have really given me the tools and solution to regain my activity level! Thank you all! 

Paula R.

I would recommend the crew. Professional, kind, attentive to your needs and a whole bunch of goofy people. I love and will miss them


Had a great experience at GSC with Josh and his crew. They were knowledgable, patient, friendly and helpful. Thank you guys! Would highly recommend them.


My daughter went here for physical therapy after knee surgery. They were exactly what she needed! They helped her get the strength back in her leg. They were attentive and caring! I highly recommend them.

Sarita H.

I would not go any were else best place in town.


Best physical therapy I have had! Love these guys!


I am having therapy on my ankle. Chyna is really good. I would recommend this place for therapy for everyone.