Our Services.

Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE).

GSC Therapy uses the J Tech computerized evaluation system.


Objective data that compares a patient’s ability to job functions for return to work, disability or post personal injury can assist physicians, attorneys and vocational consultants to create impairment ratings, disability determination or work restrictions.

GSC Therapy offers cash pay services in addition to insurance billing. Reports are comprehensive and are completed within 2 days of the evaluation.

Ergonomic assessments

GSC Therapy provides ergonomic evaluation services to identify equipment and postures that may assist with reduction of symptoms and improvement of productivity. Our highly trained staff travels to the workplace or to a home office and provides a comprehensive report of the findings, resources for recommendations and stretches to assist with posture.

Free Screening

Let GSC Therapy create a customized treatment plan, refer you to a physician that can address your concerns or develop a home exercise program. We will give you professional recommendations tailored to your unique issues and goals.