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Speech Therapy.

The overall objective is to optimize the individual's ability to communicate.


A speech-language pathologist (SLP) is a professional who engages in clinical services as well as prevention, advocacy, education, administration and research in the areas of communication and swallowing. Our SLPs cater to the needs of patients from infants to senior citizens. The overall objective of speech-language therapy is to optimize the individual's ability to communicate and swallow to improve their quality of life.


At GSC Therapy Services, most of the pediatric and adult patients referred for speech language therapy are those whose conditions and complications have negatively affected speech, voice, language, swallowing and cognitive behaviors. Such conditions include fibrous tissue, cognitive deficits, nerve damage,muscle atrophy/muscle contractures, postural incompliance, jaw instability, and muscle dissections/resections.

SLP can treat jaw alignment, head/trunk control and pelvic stability.

These are correlated with thinking, breathing, speaking and eating! The most common method used by SLP is the PaSS method (Posture and Sensory Stimulation). This method focuses on using conventional and rehabilitative methods (such as instrument-based stimulus methods) to help the brain communicate to the muscle groups and vice versa. Keeping the jaw aligned, with optimal upper/lower extremity "postural compliance," is how we help improve skills associated with cognition, speech/language/voice and swallowing function. 

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