About GSC.

Serving Arizona since 1997

GSC therapy is a family-owned rehabilitation company

Our philosophy is to help you feel better, be healthy and live life. We strive to ensure value from every therapy session because we understand that our patients and their families lead busy lives that become interrupted with an injury or illness. In addition, at GSC Therapy Services we understand that the rising cost of health care can become a hardship that should not get in the way of securing top quality medical care.  ​

Treating You as a
Whole Person

GSC Therapy Services is a unique outpatient therapy practice because we believe that the body needs to be treated as a whole and not broken into joints, muscles or nerves. At GSC Therapy, we use a functional approach to rehabilitation that includes helping our patients return to all lifestyle activities, including self-care, leisure and work.

Partnering With You for Better Health

Our clinic environments are friendly, supportive and our staff and patients engage with each other to learn ways to return to all activities that are important to a meaningful lifestyle.​

Quality time, education and home programs are provided in a fun, encouraging environment to ensure success for our patients. Our patients remain part of the GSC Therapy family and follow us on Facebook and attend GSC Therapy events.​

Giving You Access to the Care You Need

GSC Therapy has a number of financial options to ensure that our patients are able to access the expertise of our highly trained staff to address their specific medical issues.​

Trusted by Doctors

Physicians specifically refer to GSC Therapy because of our functional approach, supportive environment and friendly staff.​

The GSC Difference

A trained therapist can often resolve problems that are missed by viewing Youtube videos or by a Google search on a topic. It takes a hands-on evaluation to fully assess and recommend the most appropriate treatment--not only to resolve the specific issue, but to ensure long-term reduction of pain, arthritis or other conditions that can stem from improper or incomplete treatment.

What We Offer

Our mission is to solve problems that our patients encounter as a result of an injury or disability. Our staff is highly trained in resources that are available in the community and online. Our therapists spend an extraordinary amount of time educating our patients about their medical conditions and options to return to their best level of performance at home, work and during leisure activities.

You Have Questions?

We have answers! Check out our FAQ to learn more. ​