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Experience the Difference

Lack of Time?

We offer convenient central scheduling and extended hours.

Financial Payment Plans

Most insurances accepted in addition to self-pay programs.

Calming Your Fears

Fun, supportive environment, where patients are treated with respect and kindness and provided with the education about medical conditions, home exercises, adaptive tools and techniques to return to life activities.

It's Sometimes Painful

Pain is minimized by proactive intervention, education, skilled therapists, Alter G, and kinesio tape.

My Answer Could be Found Online

The internet provides general information about many conditions. Only a skilled therapist can evaluate the issues related to a specific medical condition and create a custom treatment plan to return you back to full function in your daily life.

Need a Close Location

We have convenient locations in Mesa, Chandler, and Gilbert.

Your Individualized
Plan of Care

Your care plan is based on recommendations from your physician, your needs and our extensive experience in treating patients. You have a number of options for covering the cost of treatment:

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Insurance billing Most insurances accepted. See insurance lis
Insurance billing

Most insurances accepted.
See insurance list


Can be modified to meet your
needs for number of visits.

Flexible payment plans
Flexible payment

At your initial visit, you will meet the therapy staff you will be working with.

GSC staff is comprised of Occupational Therapy (OT) and Physical Therapy (PT). At GSC we look at how your entire body functions. Many times, one area of injury or disability can affect other areas; knee pain can be the result of hip or low back dysfunction.


After completing a comprehensive evaluation, your therapy treatment plan and expectations will be reviewed with you. Therapy will start at the first visit with treatment and home exercises. Our therapy staff provides education about your medical condition or injury and helps with outcome expectations. Based on your schedule, insurance and financial situation, all follow up visits will be scheduled accordingly.

What We Will Address

Our GSC Therapy approach always focuses on function, so we will address such things as daily living skills, work activities, body mechanics, sports-specific training and general mechanics of the musculoskeletal system. Often, simple adaptations or modifications to such things as fitting braces and slings or providing tools such as a built-up foam for easy gripping can make all the difference in a successful rehabilitation outcome.

Treatment Authorizations
and Insurance Claims

We will obtain all of your medical information, prescriptions and insurance information from your physician and will verify or obtain all authorizations for treatment. Our administrative staff will review your insurance benefits and process all of your insurance claims.

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After Therapy Ends

GSC Therapy believes that therapy doesn’t end when the prescription or insurance runs out. We utilize home exercise programs to provide a permanent record for you that includes your specific exercises. We have also created a pathway to transition you from supervised therapy and post-program to a gym program. ​