Disability Evaluation Testing

How a Disability Evaluation Can Help:

  • Identify physical capacities and limitations
  • Identify endurance & fatiguefactors
  • Identify effort, validity, and consistency of test
  • Identify restrictions for disability or impairment rating
  • Complete physical sections of disability paperwork for physicians

When to Use a Disability Evaluation


To assist in completing social
security or long-term disability paperwork


Objective, detailed information about physical


When disability paperwork is detailed, and medical providers need assistance with completing functional information

Our Evaluation Experience

Kris Smith, OTR/L, PVE have been performing Functional Capacity Evaluation and Disability Evaluation testing for 30+ years. Using the J Tech computerized testing system objectifies much of the data, but observation and the ability to maximize patient performance only comes with experience.


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Healthcare medical concept : Doctor / psychiatrist consulting gynecological female illness, writing prescription clipboard record information,patient listening receiving in medical clinic hospital.

All Disability Evaluations Are Not the Same!

GSC Therapy Disability reports provide a summary of pertinent findings. GSC will complete the functional aspect of the paperwork and include the report, physician will complete medical aspects and sign off. This evaluation cannot be used for auto or work injuries.


Low Cost and easy to schedule! $250 per evaluation at time of service.

Scheduled within 48 hours at 3 locations around the valley.

Free Screening

Let GSC Therapy create a customized treatment plan, refer you to a physician that can address your concerns or develop a home exercise program. We will give you professional recommendations tailored to your unique issues and goals.