Physical Therapy.

Balance and Dizziness Issues.

Addressing the Facets of Balance and Dizziness Problems

There are many reasons for balance issues and dizziness. GSC Therapy knows how to treat dizziness, assessing causes and symptoms to identify the proper treatment plan that can address physical, inner ear, vestibular and visual accommodation for these conditions.

Our Treatments

How we treat dizziness: The Epley maneuver, vestibular programming, visual accommodation and strengthening of hip and leg muscles can often lead to a significant reduction in dizziness and improved balance. Training and proper use of DME equipment can ensure safety for our patients and their families.  


Free Screening

Let GSC Therapy create a customized treatment plan, refer you to a physician that can address your concerns or develop a home exercise program. We will give you professional recommendations tailored to your unique issues and goals.